Advanced Reports


Multi Windows

Multi Languages

  • Multi Branch.
  • Multi Store.
  • Multi Language.
  • Multi units
  • Multi Currency.
  • Order, Purchase, Sales.
  • ٍSales in Installments.
  • Banks and asset depreciation.
  • Multiple characteristics of customers and suppliers.
  • Track salesma, Paths, locations & plot them directly on the map.
  • Support to factories and manufacturing processes and assembly.
  • Android application system for delegates and distribution companies.
  • The possibility of price adjustment by category automatically.
  • Multi-currency and ease of modifying the price of the currency.
  • Full support for restaurants and shops selling points.
  • Support for the expire date and number of the meal.
  • Support the serial number of the agencies that have a guarantee by the serial number.
  • Support for trucks and transportation costs and customs duties.
  • Backups automatically.
  • Full support for touch screens.
  • Powers to multiple levels of users.
  • Support for printers barcode labels.